Business Leaders
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The ‘Business Leaders’ category pays tribute to the figureheads piloting some of the most prominent brands in the UK foodservice sector. The decisions they make, the investments they sanction and the projects they green-light all start off a chain of events that leads to the way thousands of restaurants — and kitchens — perform and flourish.

Market Movers
The ‘Market Movers’ category honours a selection of the individuals and operators that are making their mark in the industry. Some of these standout performers are established chains that have demonstrated how a clear focus on kitchen investment can deliver impressive results, while others are budding stars with a bright future in the UK foodservice market.
Kitchin Innovators
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The ‘Kitchen Innovators’ category recognises the individuals for whom the kitchen is their life. From the development chef to the group executive chef, these culinary masters are integral to food strategy, menu development, kitchen design and catering equipment specification. You might not find them in a suit and tie, but their work has the ability to influence business success as much as any high-ranking director or board member.

Chain Champions
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The ‘Chain Champions’ category highlights the key management and operational chiefs leading some of the most exciting and forward-thinking foodservice chains in the market today. All are responsible for growing the footprint of their brands, but they also realise that standing out in the market place requires the courage to evolve, adapt and execute new ideas.