Cappucino-Sector Stars

As far as locations in London go, modern Italian coffee house and restaurant chain Ca’puccino’s policy is quite simply the more high profile, the better. The group’s carefully-crafted acquisition strategy has seen it open stores in Heathrow Terminal 2, the King’s Road, Basil Street in Kensington, Westfield London and Harrods, where incidentally it has had its contract renewed for the third time, giving it a presence within the luxury department store for at least another four years.

But its most recent site to open — on Tottenham Court Road — is perhaps its most significant yet, representing the company’s first major high street branch. As with all its stores, the team in charge of designing and equipping the kitchen and servery area had a monumental part to play in creating the glue that binds the front- and back-of-house operations together. Head of that team is Maurizio Raviolo, whose approach is always to consult with the executive chef and key members of staff for each site to determine the design, layout and flow of the kitchen. Only then are any orders for catering equipment placed. While Ca’puccino leverages relationships with key global suppliers featured in its Italian branches, it used the Tottenham Court Road site to introduce some cutting-edge foodservice equipment that it had never specified before, including Britannia Refresh ventilation systems, Thermodyne food warmers and Autofry ventless frying systems.

For Maurizio, the key with any new kitchen build is to improve upon the last job that took place. That is certainly the case in this instance, especially given the space constraints it faced. “It was a big challenge to deliver a proper kitchen that could deliver the menu we wanted. But every project has its own challenges, so one project is not any easier or harder than the other. You just aim to make it work for everybody — for the staff and for the customers,” he reflects.


“Every project has its own challenges. You just aim to make it work for everybody — for the staff and for the customers”

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